ACS remembers and celebrates Graeme Chapman

Dear ACS Community and Friends,

It is with the greatest of sadness that I inform you that Graeme Chapman passed on Friday 3rd December at Gosford Hospital with his wife by his side.

Graeme was a very active member of the flow community both I Australasia as well as globally. He was instrumental in training many of the flow cytometrists in the country in both sorting and other flow applications. He loved teaching flow cytometry and was always ready to help everyone with their experiments.

Under Adrian Smith’s 2012 Presidential term, ACS (then under the AFCG banner) recognised Graeme’s hard work and devotion to our Australasian cytometry community- awarding him an AFCG Distinguished Service Award.

Graeme started his flow career at St.Vincents Hospital in Sydney Australia, he then moved to Beckman Coulter as an application specialist for a few decades he then moved to Becton Dickinson also as an application specialist. After retiring from Becton Dickinson he was back in the lab working in our flow facility at QIMR Berghofer on a part time basis. Finally retiring with his wife enjoying life on the northern beaches of New South Wales.  

Below is the link for the zoom feed of Graeme’s funeral.  The time of the funeral is 11am, 10th December 2021 Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

Zoom link:

Grace Chojnowski

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  1. Graeme was thoughtful and kind and ready to share his knowledge with newbies to the field. It was easy to ask him questions and he was always happy to help and pass on his enjoyment of cytometry. He made a concerted effort to connect new users into the cytometry community, passing on information about the ACS (AFCG as it was) to me and to the other Wellington, NZ, cytometry users. He strongly advocated the benefits of being part of the ACS community and he was right; it was thanks to him that I first attended an ACS meeting (and found a whole other bunch of people to ask my newbie questions to!!). Thank you Graeme for being a decent smart kind bloke.

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