Local Cytometry Groups

Sydflow NSW

The Sydflow Flow Cytometry Group has existed for over thirty years and remains very active reflecting the enthusiasm of the local cytometry community. It is open to scientists, researchers, students, commercial industry members and anyone interested in cytometry.

Sydflow holds educational meetings focusing on Research and Clinical topics. Competency tests of clinical case studies are organised for medical and laboratory scientists. Informal social networking sessions are held to improve communications between cytometrists new and old.

Sydflow membership is free. Inclusion on their mail list can be made by contacting sydflow@live.com.au for information on activities and events,
or go to the Sydflow website sydflow.blogspot.com

WA Cytometry – The Western Australian Cytometry Interest Group

This group holds regular educational seminars and provides a mailing list to distribute information of interest and relevance to Cytometry scientists in Western Australia. Contact the chair Dr Christian Tjiam to be added to the mailing list.