Affiliated / Associated Societies

Established in 1976, ISAC’s mission is to serve a multidisciplinary community by leading technological innovation, scholarship, and the exchange of knowledge in the quantitative cell sciences.

ISAC Associated Societies were established to provide a closer relationship between ISAC and other organizations around the world that use cytometry as part of their regular operations. The Australasian Cytometry Society is the official ISAC associated representing Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. The two societies corporate and collaborate in providing educational and professional development opportunities for members.

Initially founded in the 1980’s, the International Clinical Cytometry Society (ICCS) serves the needs of those involved in the current and emerging clinical applications of cytometry throughout the world. The Australasian Cytometry Society one of only 7 organisations that is an officially recognised affiliate of the International Clinical Cytometry Society.

Initially formed in 1996, ESCCA is a scientific society founded in order to establish collaboration between sixteen European centres that use and develop flow cytometric applications mainly for clinical purposes.

In 2018, The Australasian Cytometry Society became an officially recognised affiliate of ESCCA. As part of our association, ACS members are eligible for discounted membership to ESCCA. Contact us for details.