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2019 Roadshow

methods course

Six $1000 AUD scholarships available for ACS members

ACS members are invited to apply for a AU$1000 scholarship provided by the ACS, to attend the QIMR Berghofer Flow Cytometry Methods Course 
Date: 25th – 31st August 2019
Location: QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, Brisbane, Queensland Australia

The ACS is proud to support members to attend this course. View the faculty and the program here.

We are also pleased to announce that, thanks to QIMR Berghofer, all delegates for the methods course will receive 12 months of ACS membership for 2019-2020 year included!

Three scholarships will be awarded to clinical stream applicants and three scholarships will be awarded to research stream applicants. Applications for this scholarship close on the18th May 2019

Successful recipients will be notified by email by May 31st 2019

Please note, you must register for the Flow Cytometry Methods workshop prior to submitting your application for a scholarship (your payment for the workshop can be deferred until the results of the Scholarship are announced).

Your ACS membership needs to be current and subscriptions paid for 2018-2019. Join ACS here. Submit your completed application by 23h59 Western Australia standard time 18th May 2019.

Scholarship Application form and further details and conditions of entry can be found here

Past Roadshows

The 2018 roadshows were held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and were an opportunity  to discover new technologies and discuss key components of the Shared resource Laboratory experience for ACS members. The roadshows are now complete, but the information about speakers and topics are provided below for your interest.


2018 Roadshow SLR Flyer


In 2013 the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) formed a working group to establish consensus of best practices in in flow cytometry shared resource laboratories (SRLs), following discussions at the SRL forum at the CYTO meeting in San Diego in 2013. In years following, surveys and SRL track workshops were held to identify the scope of best practices to be defined, and then in 2016 the ISAC SRL working group published a guidance document to define minimal standards for a flow cytometry shared resource laboratory (SRL) and provide guidance for best practices in several important areas. This was followed by a series of seven webinars hosted by CYTO-U to educate SRL staff on these best practices. The Australasian Cytometry Society are very pleased to host two of the authors to present and host discussions of best practices for Australian SRLs.

Joanne-Lannigan2Joanne Lannigan

Director Flow Cytometry Core at University of Virginia

Joanne Lannigan has been actively involved in Flow Cytometry for over 30 years, where she has worked in clinical, industry and academic flow cytometry laboratories.  She is currently the Director of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility in the School of Medicine at the University of Virginia.  She has been an active member of ISAC since 1996 and served as an ISAC Council Member from 2012-2016, Chair of the Shared Resource Laboratory Task Force from 2014-2016, a member of the Shared Resource Laboratory Services Oversight Committee from 2014-2016 and Vice Chair of the Certification Advisory Committee from 2014-2016. She currently is the Chair of the SRL Content Task Force of the Education Committee as well as a member of the Cytometry Board of Certification Committee through ASCP.  Ms. Lannigan’s current interests involve advancing technologies in cytometry, small particle analysis by flow cytometry, instrument evaluation and quality assurance, flow cytometry education and core management.

Robert SalomonRobS2.png

Technical Director, Garvan-Weizmann Centre for Cellular Genomics

Rob Salomon is the inaugural Technical Director of the Garvan-Weizmann Centre for Cellular Genomics. The Centre is a new multimillion dollar development to bring the traditionally distinct fields of Cytometry, Microfluidics, Genomics and Informatics into one seamless process and thus enable simplification of complex workflows and transformative change in clinical practice. Rob overseas the centre and its technology acquisition. His background in biology and engineering ensures that the Centre will sit comfortably at the intersection of science and technology.
In 2014, he was named as a Shared Resource Laboratory Emerging Leader by the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry. Since then Mr Salomon has played a major role in both the Australian and International Cytometry Societies. He is passionate about single cell genomics and personalised medicine and the role of cytometery in this new emerging fields


9:15- 10:45 am  Opening Scientific lectures : 

“Understanding technology  and its application in scientific workflows- a focus on high end technologies” to include – high dimensional fluorescence flow, Genomic Cytometry, mass cytometry, spectral cytometry.

 11:15 am- 1230 pm SRL lectures:

SRL best practices – informal lecture style

1:30 pm Afternoon focus groups:

SRL small workshops with aiming to produce a short communication for publication in cytometry part A – topic will vary by location( see below).

Sydney:    “Integration of cytometry and genomics: the single cell arena”

Please read prior to attending –

In parallel, a Clinical QAP workshop hosted by Louise Wienholt (RCPA QAP) will be held for clinical delegates. “Quality Assurance in Flow Cytometry: Samples, Reporting and Hitting the Target”


Melbourne:  “Role of SRL staff in Technology development: Not just service any more”

Please read prior to attending –

Brisbane: “Opportunities and Pitfalls of implementing high end technologies in a SRL environment ”

Please read prior to attending –


All Active participating members in the focus groups will be considered authors on any paper produced.

We would encourage you to think about the flowing key issues:

  • What is the problem and why it matters?
  • Has this been approached in the past and if so how much variety is seen between cores ?
  • Is there a case study worthy of writing up ?
  • can we produce a list of recommendations – kind of a “best practices” for dealing with the issue”
  • what are the future directions?

 A light lunch will be provided for delegates, thanks to our sponsors.BD

ACS 2018 Roadshow – Brisbane

4th June 2018 9:00am – 5:00pm

Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Queensland

2018 Roadshow SLR Flyer – Brisbane

ACS 2018 Roadshow – Sydney

6th June 2018 9:00am – 5:00pm

Westmead Institute of Medical Research, New South Wales

2018 Roadshow SLR Flyer – Sydney

 ACS 2018 Roadshow – Melbourne

8th June 2018 9:00am – 5:00pm

Burnet Institute of Medical Research, Victoria

2018 Roadshow SLR Flyer – Melbourne

For ACS members not in one of the host cities, a limited number of travel scholarships are available for SRL staff. Please email for more details