Advisory Council

The membership of the ACS may elect additional Council members to advise the executive council and provide adequate representation of the membership, for example in terms of cytometry field (research, clinical, industrial) or geographical area (Australia, New Zealand). Additional Council members shall serve until the next Annual General Meeting.


Current Advisory Council:

Kate Pilkington: Conference Co-Convener

kateKate is the Detmold Family Cytometry Facility Manager at The University of Adelaide and South Australia Pathology, where she is responsible for operation and maintenance of cell sorters and training of users on analyser and microscope use and experimental design. Kate is also a Technical Applications Specialist for De Novo Software. Kate represents the Local Organizing Committee for the ACS2018 conference in Adelaide.

Anna Brooks: Research Adviser

AnnaDr Anna Brooks holds a BCA (management) and a PhD in Immunology and is a Research Fellow with the Maurice Wilkins Centre at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. She has been using flow cytometry for most of her research years, but has also been managing and enhancing the capabilities of the flow cytometry facility housed in Professor Rod Dunbar’s immunology lab (School of Biological Sciences) for the last 8 or so years. Anna recently launched and now directs this platform, Auckland Cytometry, as a shared resource facility for the Faculty of Science. In addition, Anna is currently facilitating a collaboration with Auckland Genomics to establish a pipeline for single cell transcriptomics (scRNAseq), the first of its kind in New Zealand.

Anna is experienced in multicolour panel development, especially for the characterisation of complex cellular populations in digested human tissues. Anna’s current research interest lies in dissecting the heterogeneity of mesenchymal cells in human adipose tissue using both flow cytometric and proteogenomic techniques (CITEseq/scRNAseq). In addition, Anna is an associate investigator on an on-going international collaboration with the role of developing multicolour panels (20+ colours) to monitor immune responses for clinical trials.

Anna is an active member of the international flow cytometry community and regularly attends and presents at both cytometry and research interest conferences. Anna is passionate about teaching flow cytometric best practices and has presented and facilitated a number of workshops, including at the international CYTO conferences. She has also sat on a number of conference organising and national grant reviewing committees. As well as ACS, Anna is also a member of the Australian Society for Immunology, the Australasian Society for Stem Cell Research, the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry and the International Society for Stem Cell Research

Vuong Nguyen: Clinical Adviser


Vuong Nguyen is the Senior Scientist of the Clinical Flow Cytometry Laboratory at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. He graduated from RMIT – BAppSc-Laboratory Medicine in 2006. He worked in the core-laboratory (Biochemistry, Haematology, Blood Banking and Flow Cytometry) until 2010 where he specialised in flow cytometry. In 2012 he obtained the International Cytometry Certification Examination. He was awarded the “Cliff Francis Memorial award” presented by the Australian Institute of Medical Scientists (AIMS) for “Recent scientific publication of significant merit” in 2014.

He has been part of the Australasian Leukaemia and Lymphoma group working on AML MRD. He is currently on the Australasian Cytometry Society’s Clinical Guidelines Taskforce focusing on Leukaemia and Lymphoma, CD34 Enumeration and Minimal Residual Disease.

He is an Honorary Lecturer for the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia on Clinical Flow Cytometry. He is also a NATA assessor, auditing clinical flow cytometry laboratories. He has been on the organising committee of past Australasian Flow Cytometry Group. In 2017 he was co-chair of the inaugural CYTOAsia conference held in Singapore.

Maggie Wang: SRL Advisor

Maggie WangDr Xin Maggie Wang obtained her Masters in Science in 2001 and a PhD in 2007 at the Department of Medicine, the University of Sydney, Australia. She took the senior flow cytometry scientist position at the Western Sydney Area Health in 2008 and became manager of the Westmead Research Hub flow cytometry core facility in 2011. In 2016, she was promoted as Scientific Platforms Manager responsible for seven scientific platforms including flow cytometry at the Westmead Institute for Medical Research, Westmead Research Hub, the University of Sydney. She has been a member of ISAC and ACS since 2008 and became a member of ACS Council in 2017 to represent SRL members. She has participated in ISAC Live Education Task Force activities since 2017 and presented at a number of flow cytometry workshops. For last ten years she has been heavily involved in providing advise and assistance with the development of flow cytometry applications, designing a new flow cytometry core facility, establishing business models, investigating new lab management systems, setting up the biosafety procedures as well as collaborating with several researcher groups.

Adrian Smith: ISAC Liaison

adrianAdrian has been the manager of the Cytometry and Imaging Facility at the Centenary Institute since 2004. He has overseen the growth of the facility from three flow cytometers in 2004 to now include over twenty instruments including a range of advanced optical microscopes and image cytometers, as well as traditional flow cytometers and cell sorters – including the world’s first 10 laser analyser and first 10 laser cell sorter. Adrian is also the Technical Director of the Advanced Cytometry Facility – a joint of initiative of Centenary and the University of Sydney. Adrian has been the president of the Australasian Cytometry Society (ACS) (formerly the Australasian Flow Cytometry Group (AFCG)) since December 2010 and in May 2014 was elected to the council of the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry. Adrian teaches imaging and cytometry on a regular basis to both researchers and technical staff and he has presented workshop and tutorials for many groups including CSIRO, AFCG/ACS, QIMR, ASI, ISCT and ISAC (CYTO conference). He has trained several core facility staff who are now managing their own facilties. Adrian started in flow cytometry nearly 20 years ago and his PhD in Immunology (peripheral CD4 T Cell responses) included more hours in front of a flow cytometer than he cares to (or can) remember. When he is not looking down a microscope or sitting in front of cytometer he can be found with a camera in hand chasing the perfect shot.