ACS Advocate Award

ACS Advocate Award       

This award is designed to raise the profile of the ACS internationally however it can also be used to promote the ACS locally such as at ASI, NZASI, RCPA, AIMS, NZIMLS conferences.  These awards will be divided equally between Clinical and Research cytometry streams.  Depending on presentation length applicants can apply for one of the following tiers:

Level 1

  • 4 x $250
  • For 10-15 minute presentation slots
  • Expected to present 1 ACS promotional slide
  • Preference will be given to students and early career scientists

Level 2

  • 2 x $500
  • For >20 minute presentations slots
  • Expected to present 2 ACS promotional slides
  • Available to all ACS members
1.Must have been an ACS member for >1 year to apply
2.Applicant must have attended at least one ACS organised event in the past
3.Speaker must have abstract accepted for an oral presentationat the conference
4.Abstract must be provided
5.Presentation and event must be relevant to ACS e.g. about cytometry or single-cell analysis
6.Applicant must state which tier they are applying for
7.Recipient must not have received the award in the previous 2 years to be eligible
8.Must be willing to present slides (1-2 slides depending on award tier) to promote ACS
9.Application must be received 2 months prior to the conference
10.One page CV must be submitted outlining relevant cytometry experience
ACS Advocate Awards – Selection Criteria

Note. Preference will be given to those who have presented at an ACS organised event in the past



  • Funding will be capped at the given amount and copies of receipts for either Registration, Hotel or Flights are to be provided for reimbursement
  • Reimbursement will be made directly to the recipient’s workplace or to recipient directly if proof of self-funding can be provided
  • Recipients are to make a contribution to the ACS Twitter feed and/or LinkedIn page, acknowledging ACS’ support


Complete the application form available at this link and send it through, complete with all required attachemnts, to