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The ACS is an eclectic mix of scientists from different fields. Therefore, many subgroups interested in similar topics co-exist, and in some cases have been organized into Interest Groups. These include:

Clinical Guidelines Interest Group

The Clinical Guidelines working group creates clinical guidelines for the convenience of all cytometerists. It consists of experienced clinical cytometerists and provides a valuable resource for all. Their work is published here:

Sydflow NSW

The Sydflow Flow Cytometry Group is open to scientists, researchers, students and anyone interested in flow cytometry. The group has existed for over twenty years, currently meeting four times a year to discuss clinical and research applications. Inclusion the mail list can be made by contacting for information about activities and events.

Meetings are held from Monday evenings 6.30 to 9.00pm on research or clinical topics. Click for more details

WA Flow

WA Flow is the Western Australian flow cytometry interest group. WA Flow formed in 2012 as a collaboration of cytometrists from all of the major research institutions, universities and clinical flow laboratories in Western Australia.  The group is free and open to anyone with an interest in the field of Cytometry. We meet every second month for informative talks, discussion and debate on topics pertaining to the current state of the art in Cytometry.

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