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BD Biosciences online training:

BD Biosciences provides an online training tool that helps users to understand instrumentation (fluidics, optics, electronics), as well as data analysis. Additionally, material is provided that aids users in understanding cell sorting.


Chromocyte is an online resource for understanding flow cytometry, assisting in the design of multicolour panels. The education section of their website features a variety of topics on flow cytometry topics, including various introductory material, as well as material that aids in the development of multicolour panels. Under “online resources”, there are a variety of helpful webinars that cover a range of topics.

CYTO University – SRL:

A solid archive of webinars and tutorials for SRL staff, compiled and conducted by experienced SRL managers.

ISAC Resources – Core Manager & Facilites:

A useful collection of information for both mangers and staff alike from ISAC regarding issues for SRLs including laboratory design, data transfer and storage, biosafety, staff considerations, financing and purchasing of equipment, training and publication.

Compensation Webinar:

A webinar from Miltenyi that explains the fundamentals of fluorescence compensation.


The Biocompare website allows you to search for a wide variety of antibodies from a range of companies. This is especially useful in panel design, as you can very quickly determine the range of conjugates that may be available for each of the antibodies in your panel. The Biocompare search covers a large number of common vendors for flow cytometry reagents.

Excyte flow training:

Excyte is a flow cytometry training company that offers a range of flow cytometry training. The blog section of the website offers a number of useful articles on flow 

CYTO University:

CYTO University (CYTO U) is a central online source of cytometry education maintained by the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC). Here you will find webinars, lectures, and modules of a wide range of flow cytometry topics generated by experts in the field. Additionally, a range of lectures and talks from previous CYTO conferences (the annual congress of ISAC) are made available.

ISAC - International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry


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