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Cytometry Part A:

Journal of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry

ACS Career Recognition Award:

ACS CAREER RECOGNITION AWARD                                                          

The Australasian Cytometry Society Career Recognition Award is the highest recognition given by the society and carries with it all the rights and privileges of a Life Member with the exemption of payment of annual membership subscriptions.

Eligibility Requirements

Nominees must have been a member of the ACS for 10 or more years and fulfill criteria for nomination.

Nomination Requirements

To be considered for this award the following information must be provided:

  • A nomination signed by one proposer,
ACS 2016 AGM Material:

The 2016 AGM Agenda and the 2015 AGM Minutes are available for download below.

EuroFlow standardization of flow cytometer instrument settings and immunophenotyping protocols:

The EU-supported EuroFlow Consortium aimed at innovation and standardization of immunophenotyping for diagnosis and classification of hematological malignancies by introducing 8-color flow cytometry with fully standardized laboratory procedures and antibody panels in order to achieve maximally comparable results among different laboratories. This required the selection of optimal combinations of compatible fluorochromes and the design and evaluation of adequate standard operating procedures (SOPs) for instrument setup, fluorescence compensation and sample preparation.

Guidelines on the use of multicolour flow cytometry in the diagnosis of haematological neoplasms:

Significant technical advances have taken place in the field of flow cytometry (FC) since 2002, when the BSCH last published FC guidelines. Cytometers with three or more lasers are now common in routine clinical practice and the number of commercially available fluorochromes has increased rapidly. This enables the simultaneous analysis of eight or more antigens, so-called multicolour (or polychromatic) flow cytometry (MFC). In addition, modern cytometers analyse larger numbers of cells in a shorter time, and new software is changing the way data is or can be analysed.

Validation of cell-based fluorescence assays: practice guidelines from the ICSH and ICCS - part I - rationale and aims.:

Flow cytometry and other technologies of cell-based fluorescence assays are as a matter of good laboratory practice required to validate all assays, which when in clinical practice may pass through regulatory review processes using criteria often defined with a soluble analyte in plasma or serum samples in mind. Recently the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has entered into a public dialogue in the U.S. regarding their regulatory interest in laboratory developed tests (LDTs) or so-called "home brew" assays performed in clinical laboratories.

The International Clinical Cytometry Society (ICCS):

The International Clinical Cytometry Society (ICCS) is an organization for anyone involved in the clinical applications of cytometry. Initially founded in the 1980’s with the focus of hosting the Clinical Applications of Cytometry annual meeting in the US, ICCS has expanded to provide its international membership with diverse educational materials and a voice in advocacy issues and the promotion of quality and standards.


Genzyme Genetics (New York Laboratory)

New York, New York, USA

Flow Cytometry in Clinical Diagnosis (4th edition):

A great start for to staff who are training. It gives a sense of the history of clinical flow as well as the current applications.

Edited by: John L Carey, J. Philip McCoy and David F. Keren

ISBN: 9780891895480 


Excyte is a flow cytometry training company that offers a range of flow cytometry training. The blog section of the website offers a number of useful articles on flow cytometry.


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