Kathy Fuller (PhD)

Kathy is Senior Research Fellow in the Translational Cancer Pathology Laboratory at The University of Western Australia. 

She is currently developing imaging flow cytometry protocols for high throughput FISH analysis in immunophenotypically identified cells for haematological malignancies, NFκB expression in lymphoproliferative disease as a prognostic marker and patient specific micelles for drug delivery in multiple myeloma patients. Data from these studies resulted in publications in Blood and the Journal of Clinical Pathology.

In her previous position as lead flow academic in the Centre for Microscopy, Characterisation and Analysis at UWA she collaborated with researchers across a wide range of disciplines, providing flow cytometry expertise in: characterisation of human tympanic membrane cells for ear drum reconstruction; development and validation of the Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay (SCSA) for WA fertility clinics and equine thoroughbred breeding programs; developing viability assays for honey bee sperm and pathogens to monitor hive health; investigation of picoplankton populations in the Leeuwin Current; and development of a high throughput plant ploidy screening protocol for plant breeding.

Kathy has developed immunophenotyping by flow cytometry research technique courses and lectures on flow techniques for haematological malignancies to UWA undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

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