Technical and Practical Tips: Lessons Learned from Implementation of a New Assay

Implementing a new assay can be a challenge and this presentation will share with you some of the "bumps in the road" during the process of implementing and validating our PNH assay. This session is not just about PNH but will address the key pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical components, which are important for any assay in the clinical laboratory: Instrument optimisation, antibody clone and fluorochrome selection, titration and cocktailing of antibodies, panel selection, the use of internal and external controls, proficiency testing, challenges of rare event analysis and reporting. The current trend towards more regulation across laboratories will make these efforts a must and new guidelines (e.g. 2013 Practice Guidelines from the ICSH and ICCS) have provided a much-needed and comprehensive discussion of these key components and also high-lighted the need for clinical laboratories to be familiar with the concepts and standards of assay validation.

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