Joanna Roberts

Joanna is a flow cytometry specialist based in New Zealand working as a consultant on a range of flow cytometry related projects under the company name ‘Flowjoanna ’.

Focusing on immunology and working in agricultural as well as human health, Flowjoanna is a roving core facility support with a vision of ensuring that flow cytometers are well used and taken care of to derive great data that answers the hard questions. Projects currently include investigating the success of novel vaccines in cattle and sheep, immune-function studies in clinical trial settings, and cancer biology projects.

Prior  to setting up Flowjoanna, Joanna worked as a flow cytometry specialist for AgResarch Ltd, a Crown Research Institute in New Zealand. Prior to thatBefore that, she managed the Flow Cytometry Core Facility at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.  Here she gained an extensive understanding of how to interface with researchers and how to help them get the best bang for their buck from their flow cytometry experiments.

Joanna first discovered flow cytometry in the lab of Prof Graham Le Gros at the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research (MIMR) while studying the immune response to influenza infection. During her time at MIMR she was solely responsible for setting up the flow cytometry platform including their first cell sorter. Joanna joined the ACS for the first time in 2003. She is also a member of the Australasian Society for Immunology and the International Society for Analytical Cytometry.

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