MRD: Precursor ​B-ALL, post BMT

Kerrie Clerici
Patient History and Background: 
15 yo M, with B-ALL. Testing for MRD in post BMT samples.
Denominator calculation for BM: MRD (T1 or T2) / B cells (T3) ---------------------------------- B cells (T1 or T2) / mononuclear cells (T3) Denominator for PB (day 8) is Syto 16 (TNC)
Final Diagnosis: 
Day 30 post BMT: 0.09% Day 60 post BMT: 0.0035% Day 100 post BMT: <0.01%
Panel : 
MarkerFluorochromePositive/ Negative
DNA stainSyto 16POS

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