ISAC Liaison

Adrian Smith, PhD

Cytometry, Imaging and IT Manager, Centenary Institute

Technical Director, Advanced Cytometry Facility (Centenary Institute and University of Sydney)

Adrian has been the manager of the Cytometry and Imaging Facility at the Centenary Institute since 2004. He has overseen the growth of the facility from three flow cytometers in 2004 to now include over twenty instruments including a range of advanced optical microscopes and image cytometers, as well as traditional flow cytometers and cell sorters - including the world's first 10 laser analyser and first 10 laser cell sorter. Adrian is also the Technical Director of the Advanced Cytometry Facility - a joint of initiative of Centenary and the University of Sydney. Adrian was the president of the Australasian Cytometry Society (ACS) (formerly the Australasian Flow Cytometry Group (AFCG)) December 2010 to November 2014; in May 2014 he was elected to the council of the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry.

Adrian teaches imaging and cytometry on a regular basis to both researchers and technical staff and he has presented workshops and tutorials for many groups including CSIRO, AFCG/ACS, QIMR, ASI, ISCT and ISAC (CYTO conference). He has also trained several core facility staff who are now managing their own facilities.

Adrian started in flow cytometry nearly 20 years ago and his PhD in Immunology (peripheral CD4 T Cell responses) included more hours in front of a flow cytometer than he cares to (or can) remember. When he is not looking down a microscope or sitting in front of cytometer he can be found with a camera in hand chasing the perfect shot.

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