Frontiers in Cytometry still Exist!

For more than 40 years flow cytometry has been a core technology for biological and medical discovery. There is no doubt that the power brought to discovery science by flow cytometry has been tremendous. From plants to insects, from mice to men, flow cytometry has been one of the few technologies that supports many fields of science.  All these biological samples have one key feature in common – they all have cells, and it is these cells that give flow cytometry its unique capacity for analysis.      But times change, technology advances, new fluorochromes emerge, alternative assay systems are developed. So the question is “What are some of the advances that might impact cytometry in the future.”     Spectral cytometry is more than simply a different way to analysis the fluorescent spectrum. Yes, true spectral analysis provides some unique capabilities that simply cannot be achieved by traditional multicolor analysis, but there is also a bigger picture.   There are some new opportunities such as adding this technology to an existing analyzer which can make an analyzer into a spectral cytometer and I will briefly discuss this technology.     Lastly, I will discuss a new technology we have called Micro-Imaging flow cytometry that we are developing that enhances the area of image-flow cytometry. This approach does not use a camera, but high frequency scanning that can produce details both external and internal features of cells.   

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