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Robert Salomon (MSc Hons)

Robert (Rob) Salomon currently holds the position of Flow Cytometry Manager/ Senior Flow Cytomerty Scientist at the Garvan institute of Medical Research. Rob was trained in Cytometry by Dr Adrian Smith.

Rob’s interest lies in the accurate application of technology so as to develop deeper understanding of science, in particular the biological sciences. Rob is currently driving a major initiative in combining high end cytometry, whole genome sequencing and complex bio-informatics approaches to the application of single cell genomics in understanding the underlying processes involved in causing human disease states.

Rob is an active member of the national and international cytometry scene.

He holds positions on the CYTO U E-Learning Delivery Task Force, ISAC’s shared Resource Laboratory Committee, CYTO 2015 Program Committee, manages the ACS website and was named as one of the four Shared Resource Laboratory Emerging Leaders by the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry for the period 2014 to 2018.

Rob believes that strong, sustainable shared resource laboratories have the capacity to enhance scientific understanding and to participate in the discovery of cures for many diseases. 

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