Benefits of joining the Australasian Cytometry Society

This society has a significant track record in the local networking of flow cytometrists and increasingly image cytometrists, in a relatively open atmosphere conducive to real information exchange.

Other subject-based societies are often limited by competitiveness, rather than openness. Competition at cytometry meetings is usually limited to who wears the most colourful Hawaiian shirt at the annual scientific meeting (see Exhibit A).

Since the ACS is based on sharing of techniques between individuals from vastly different fields, co-operativity outweighs competition.

Flow cytometrists daily need to explain their techniques to other users of the cores, and therefore, there is a culture of helpfulness that is built in to the society, much appreciated by newbies.

It doesn’t matter what level of user attends the annual conference, they always go away having learnt something useful.

There are many flow cytometry online forums, but nothing beats actually talking to another interested individual.


International links to ACS

The ACS is affiliated with the International Society of Analytical Cytometry, and ACS has formal links to ISAC through office bearers, and through educational links.

The annual scientific meeting always includes top international speakers in the field of cytometry, across a range of biological and technical applications.  It is typically held in the second half of the year, rotating through major cities in Australia and New Zealand.  The meeting location may also be chosen to coincide with other large meetings, e.g. HSANZ (Haematology Society of Australia and New Zealand) or ASI in order to share venues, speakers and maximise opportunities for members.

ACS sponsors travel to its annual scientific meeting for junior staff, and the meeting itself is usually well sponsored, to keep costs to members to a minimum.


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