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Discover wide-ranging approaches and opportunities in multicolor flow cytometry. Learn more at the location nearest you.

Sydney – April20  |  Melbourne – April 21
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Quality flow cytometry data starts with proper panel design. In the Design module, we will walk through the three key considerations for panel design: understanding the biology of your experiment, characterizing your unique instrument and selecting the optimal fluorochromes.


Regardless of the instrument we work on, resolving the critical populations of interest is our primary goal. In the Analyze module, we will optimize our experiment on a variety of different platforms and learn the different considerations that apply when taking a panel from one instrument to another. In addition, we will show how experiments can be standardized across different flow cytometry platforms.


Once we have clearly resolved our populations, we can use cell sorting to isolate cells of interest. The Sort module will review important considerations when transitioning from cell analysis to cell sorting. Additionally, we will introduce the concept of index sorting and show how flow cytometry can prepare individual cells for downstream analysis.


Looking deeper into a cell allows for a greater understanding of its unique characteristics. The combination of flow cytometry with molecular indexing technology allows for high throughput, single-cell mRNA sequencing. In the Explore module, we will discuss how a cell sorted by FACS can be analyzed at the genomic level in a straightforward workflow, and show the power of linking cell phenotype with gene expression profiles.


As biology advances, the need for deep and broad profiling of cell populations is becoming ever more important. The Discover module will show how flow cytometry technology is keeping pace with science through the ability to perform high parameter experiments.

Thursday, April 20, 2017 to Friday, April 21, 2017
Garvan Institute Sydney and Peter Doherty Institute Melbourne

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