ACS Career Recognition Award

ACS CAREER RECOGNITION AWARD                                                          

The Australasian Cytometry Society Career Recognition Award is the highest recognition given by the society and carries with it all the rights and privileges of a Life Member with the exemption of payment of annual membership subscriptions.

Eligibility Requirements

Nominees must have been a member of the ACS for 10 or more years and fulfill criteria for nomination.

Nomination Requirements

To be considered for this award the following information must be provided:

  • A nomination signed by one proposer, one seconder and five other signatories each of whom must be a Member of the ACS
  • A curriculum vitae summary and photograph suitable for publication on the ACS website
  • A statement summarising the nominee's major contributions to the discipline and/or practice of cytometry, with information attesting to the high standards of conduct of the candidate
  • A bibliography of publications, contributions, service to their relevant discipline

Conditions of the Award

The ACS Executive may make this award to a person who, in its opinion has rendered distinguished service to the field of cytometry and/or the ACS.
No more than 4 Life Members shall be elected in any one year, 2 from clinical and 2 from research/industry fields.                 


-  All nominations will be reviewed and assessed by the ACS Executive

- Closing date for nominations: 30 June of any year

- The ACS Executive has 30 days from closing date to consider nominations and decide on
nominations at the next Executive meeting

- Successful nominees to be announced at the ACS Annual Conference

Presentation of the Award

The Award shall be presented at the ACS Annual Conference with free Registration sponsored by the ACS. Alternatively the Award may be presented by an ACS Executive member at a time and place convenient for the recipient.

Nomination Process

Nomination form is provided below for download.

Email nominations to the ACS Secretary at:


An acknowledgement will be made by email within 7 days of receiving your application. If this has not been received contact the ACS via the ACS website Contact page.

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