ACS Clinical Guidelines

The ACS Clinical Guidelines are practical documents for each assay/type of assay performed in Australasian clinical laboratories. Specific protocols for these assays are referenced but not included in these documents.
Following requests of its members the ACS Executive Committee formed a Clinical Guideline Taskforce in 2015 to provide updated clinical guidelines to assist laboratories to (i) meet industry requirements for performance of testing and to (ii) assist in establishing clinical laboratory assays and services.
The Taskforce identified guidelines of interest and organised Work Groups for individual guidelines. At various stages the broader ACS membership are asked for input/comment prior to any guideline being endorsed by the organisation.
Updates to guidelines and final drafts will be presented on this website for comment and reference. Details of relevant contacts will be given and any meetings held in this process. We encourage and look forward to your participation in this process.

Neil McNamara
ACS Clinical Guidelines Taskforce

ACS Clinical Guidelines

Reviewed ACS Guidelines have been completed for 2017. Two are recently updated drafts for ACS member and associates comment.

Comments on guidelines may be made via the forum on this website (via the Forum tab above for full list), by contacting work groups members individually (Work Group information below) or by email to:

Clinical Flow Cytometry Policy Documents and Guideline Links

The ACS provides members with information to assist with provision of clinical flow cytometry services. This includes ACS policy documents.

There are a number of organisations and professional bodies that are involved in creating clinical guidelines, some are shown below.

Guideline Work Groups

The ACS has been active in providing clinical guidelines for its members for years. More recently the ACS Executive formed a Guideline Taskforce for this purpose, which formed Work Groups for individual guidelines. A list of Work Group and Taskforce members is attached.
Contact them individually or via if you have any interest or suggestions. All draft guidelines will be made available to ACS members prior to final versions being published on this website. Guidelines will be reviewed annually supporting continuous dialogue and education among the flow cytometry community.

More details on the Clinical Guidelines Working Group are listed here (click Read more )

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