Research Assistant

3 Year contract for experience research assistant with expertise in flow cytometry and preferable experience working with blood platelets and / or coagulation assays.

Australasian Cytometry Society 41st Annual Meeting

October 21 - 24, 2018


After 14 gaps years, ACS 2018 sees the long-awaited return of the ACS Annual Conference to Adelaide.

Australasian Cytometry Society


In November 2013, the AFCG made the important step of changing our name to the Australasian Cytometry Society, in order to (i) encompass the broader range of cell analysis techniques now available and (ii) reflect the maturity of our association as a scientific society.

In pursuit of these objectives, the group organises annual scientific conferences and regular technical methods courses. Membership has grown to more than 300.

And now to the present....

Should you require further information about the ACS, the members of the Executive Committee may all be contacted.

The Rules and Regulations of the ACS are currently being updated to reflect the change of name and executive structure.

For a copy of the current rules please contact the President or Secretary.

Why join the ACS ? 

The ACS is a scientific and educational organisation whose purpose is to promote research, development and applications in, and to disseminate knowledge of cytometry. By joining the ACS you will have access to special members only news-feeds and web content as well as discounts on workshops and seminars.

Perth BD Horizon™ Multicolour Workshop

Multicolour flow cytometry is a powerful tool for the simultaneous analysis of multiple cellular markers. This workshop will enable you to design and run robust multicolour experiments on your digital flow cytometer


Theoretical Presentation Dates 

·         Telethon Kids Institute 12th February

·         CMCA, Harry Perkins Institute 14th February


Theoretical Presentation includes - 

·         Importance of Fluorochrome Choice for Surface and Intracellular Staining

·         Importance of Understanding Antigen Density Patterns

·         Optimising Intrument Setup for Maximum

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Sunday, October 21, 2018 to Wednesday, October 24, 2018

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